Let’s Create a New Earth Together – Rooted in Belonging.

Rejoice, my spirit greets you!

I am Spirit Dance Woman

a Way-shower, Nature-lover & Learner at heart.

I am in the business of truth-telling, ceremony and belonging and,

of bringing my lifework of PachaMama’s Teachings to women in the western world.

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I’ve gone before you. I know what it means to feel like an alien, to be ridiculed for my intuition and doomed oversensitive.

In my efforts of being a good girl wanting to please and be liked by others I became so afraid of speaking my truth and showing my true loving and emotional nature that my body and mind turned rigid. I almost sold out my soul and forgot who I was.

Today I listen to the calling of my soul.

I dare to belong. I dare to be me. I chose to honor my sensitivity and live from my true values as best as I can.

I dare to stand out in my uniqueness and offer the gifts that I came to this Earth to teach. – All my life long learning, travels and growing as a soul have come together in the founding of PachaMama’s Teachings.

If I can do it.  So can you! –  The World awaits you!

PachaMama’s Teachings provide you with a practical spiritual toolbox that will enable you to step out of the shadows of fitting-in to step into the Light of standing-out to radiate your uniqueness and offer your gifts to the world.

PachaMama’s Teachings awaken your spirit and help you dance into right relationship and joy with all aspects of your life and the world around you.  You will cultivate inner peace and come to live in accordance with your own true values.

It is a journey of Coming Home to Beauty.

I believe you are here at this evolutionairy time on the planet for a reason. You have glorious gifts to benefit our beautiful Earth.

The Earth needs You, and You need The Earth.

If you knew, you could Create a profoundly positive impact on your relationships and this planet, would you do it?

I dare you to say YES!

Call  me 510-507-1907.  I will love to be your guide.

Your soul will sing out loud in joy!

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